Streamlining Your Tunes: Guide on Installing YouTube Music on Your PC

YouTube Music has swiftly soared to become a go-to platform for music lovers across the globe. Offering a vast selection of songs, it serves as an excellent alternative to traditional music players. But did you know you could bring your favorite tracks right to your desktop? In this guide, we’ll help you unravel the process of installing YouTube Music on your PC.

Streamlining Your Tunes: Guide on Installing YouTube Music on Your PC

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Installing YouTube Music on Your PC: The Preamble

While YouTube Music may not have a standalone desktop app, it can still find its way to your computer’s desktop as a progressive web app (PWA). This PWA function is unique to specific browsers, like Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge, that are Chromium-based.

Harnessing Google Chrome to Install YouTube Music on Your PC

Chrome users have the advantage of adding YouTube Music to their desktops using a simple, hassle-free process. Open Chrome, navigate to YouTube Music’s official website, and once there, you’ll find a three-dot icon at the top-right corner of your browser window. Click on this and choose ‘Install YouTube Music’, followed by ‘Install’. In just a few clicks, you’ll have brought the universe of music to your desktop.

Leveraging Microsoft Edge to Install YouTube Music

Not a Chrome user? No worries. Microsoft Edge also supports the installation of YouTube Music through a nearly identical process. Start by visiting YouTube Music’s website, then look for an app icon in the search bar’s top-right. Upon clicking this, select ‘Install’. Like that, your PC is equipped with a whole new world of music!

Embracing Your New Music Experience

Once the installation wraps up, YouTube Music will surface as an installed app in your Windows Start menu. Feel free to add it to your taskbar for swift access. Enjoy the freedom of streaming your favorite tracks without the necessity of a web browser. Remember, you can upload and manage your music, replicating the web version’s offerings.

Bidding Farewell to YouTube Music: The Uninstallation Process

There might come a time when you’d like to uninstall the YouTube Music app from your PC. In such cases, the process varies based on the browser used for installation. For Chrome, open the installed app and follow the similar three-dot route, but this time, choose ‘Uninstall YouTube Music’ and then ‘Remove’.

Edge users, on the other hand, need to open the installed app and select the three-dot icon, followed by ‘App Settings’. This will open the Edge browser app directory, where you’ll find the ‘Uninstall’ option at the bottom right. Hit ‘Remove’, and the app will vanish from your PC.


YouTube Music on your PC can revolutionize your music-listening experience. Stream your favorite tracks at ease, upload and manage your playlist, all without the need for a browser. You can easily install it using either Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge and just as simply uninstall it. Now that you know how, go forth and let music rule your desktop. Enjoy a world of tunes at your fingertips!


Can I use YouTube Music on my PC without a browser?

Absolutely! You can install YouTube Music on your desktop using Chrome or Edge as a progressive web app (PWA).

Does uninstalling YouTube Music require a unique process?

Yes, depending on the browser used for installation, the uninstallation process varies slightly. Just follow the steps outlined above.

Does the YouTube Music app on PC offer the same features as the web version?

Definitely. The installed app lets you stream, upload, and manage your music just like the web version.