Total war warhammer 3 failed to join game unspecified error

We’ve all been there: the weekend finally rolls around, the rain is tap-dancing on the windowpane outside, the perfect backdrop for a strategic onslaught in the sprawling fantasy world of Total War: Warhammer III. Hot beverage at hand, you’re ready to wage war against the fierce factions that dare to oppose you. But alas, your exhilaration soon melts into frustration as the dreaded words “Total War Warhammer 3 failed to join game unspecified error” flashes on your screen.

The anticipation that was once a buzzing thrum in your veins ebbs away, leaving an icy dread that you may not be able to resolve this digital hiccup. You’ve tried rebooting, re-logging, even reinstalling. But the error remains, an unwelcome guest in your virtual escapade. Fear not, fellow gamers, because I too have walked this dark path. And although the issue may seem insurmountable, I assure you, it’s not. With a methodical approach and a little patience, we can tackle this nemesis together. Buckle up, because here are the steps you’ll need to navigate through this predicament.

Total war warhammer 3 failed to join game unspecified error
Total war warhammer 3 failed to join game unspecified error

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What are causes for total war warhammer 3 failed to join game unspecified error

Connectivity Issues

While many might overlook this, one common cause for the frustrating “Total War Warhammer 3 failed to join game unspecified error” message could be connectivity problems. It’s a simple yet significant factor that determines your gaming experience. If your internet connection is unstable, weak, or slow, this could disrupt your access to the game.

Additionally, if the game server is overwhelmed due to heavy traffic or is undergoing maintenance, you might face difficulty in joining the game. Unexpected downtimes or peak usage times can cause temporary connectivity issues. Ensuring a stable and robust internet connection on your end can significantly mitigate the likelihood of encountering this error.

Game Version Compatibility

Sometimes, the error can occur if your game version is not up-to-date, or if there’s an incompatibility with your operating system. Having an outdated game client or running the game on an unsupported system can result in various technical glitches, including the failure to join the game.

Game developers regularly roll out updates and patches to address known issues and enhance gameplay. Keeping your game software updated is key to ensuring smooth gameplay and avoiding technical errors. Similarly, ensuring that your operating system is compatible with the game’s requirements can also prevent such issues.

Corrupted Game Files

The phrase “Total War Warhammer 3 failed to join game unspecified error” could also be indicative of corrupted game files. During installation or an update, certain files can get damaged or corrupted, causing irregularities during gameplay.

Game files might also become corrupt due to malware attacks or abrupt shutdowns. A comprehensive scan of your system with a reliable anti-virus software and regular system cleanups can help safeguard your system. Repairing or reinstalling the game can often fix corrupted game files and restore your gameplay experience.

Hardware and Software Conflicts

At times, your system’s hardware or other software could interfere with the game, leading to the error message. This could include your graphics card, processor, RAM, or even certain background applications on your system.

You should check that your hardware meets the game’s minimum requirements and that all drivers, particularly the graphics driver, are up-to-date. Close unnecessary background applications when running the game to prevent any software conflicts. Balancing your system’s hardware and software environment optimizes your gaming experience and reduces the chance of running into errors.

Graphics Settings and Resolution Mismatch

One potential reason behind the “Total War Warhammer 3 failed to join game unspecified error” could be an incongruity between the game’s graphics settings and your system’s capabilities. Your hardware might be struggling to handle high settings or resolution, causing the game to fail.

Therefore, you should ensure that your graphics settings align with your system’s capacity. Lowering the graphics quality or screen resolution might help resolve the issue. Additionally, it is recommended to keep your graphics card drivers up-to-date to ensure optimal performance.

Game Client Issues

Sometimes the problem may not be with your system, but with the game client itself. If you’re using a gaming platform like Steam or Epic Games to play Total War: Warhammer III, issues with the client could lead to difficulties when trying to join the game.

Common issues include the client not being up-to-date, problems with client-server communication, or the client’s cache needing to be cleared. Regularly updating your game client and clearing the cache from time to time can help ensure a smoother gaming experience.

Firewall and Antivirus Interference

Another potential cause could be interference from your firewall or antivirus software. Overly aggressive security settings might incorrectly flag the game as a threat, preventing it from running properly or blocking it from accessing the network.

You should ensure that Total War: Warhammer III is on the approved list in your firewall and antivirus settings. However, it is important to only modify these settings if you understand the implications, as incorrect changes could leave your system vulnerable to threats.

Operating System Compatibility

The game’s compatibility with your operating system could also be a factor. If your operating system has recently been updated, the game may not yet be fully compatible with the new version. This could lead to the “Total War Warhammer 3 failed to join game unspecified error”.

It’s important to check the game developer’s website for any known issues with your operating system and, if necessary, roll back your system to a previous version or wait for the developer to release a patch that addresses the issue.

Through understanding and addressing these potential issues, you will be well-equipped to overcome the challenges presented by the error and return to the thrill of commanding your armies in the Total War: Warhammer III world.

How to fix total war warhammer 3 failed to join game unspecified error

Fix 1: Resetting Your Internet Router

Connectivity issues can play a significant role in disrupting your game. To tackle this, start by resetting your internet router. Turn off the device, disconnect the power supply, and wait for about a minute to ensure a complete shutdown. This action will clear out any cache or lingering settings that may be causing network conflicts. After the wait, reconnect the power supply and turn on the router again. Allow it some time to re-establish a connection with your Internet Service Provider.

Next, you should test the stability of your internet connection. There are numerous online tools available for this. If the connection is stable and the game error continues to appear, you may need to reach out to your Internet Service Provider to investigate further potential network issues.

Fix 2: Running the Game as Administrator

Sometimes, certain permissions required by Total War: Warhammer III may be restricted, leading to a failed join game error. To rule out this possibility, try running the game as an administrator. Locate the game’s shortcut on your desktop and right-click on it. In the menu that appears, choose the ‘Run as administrator’ option. By doing this, you provide the game full access to all the files and resources it needs, possibly eliminating the error you’ve been experiencing.

Fix 3: Disabling Background Applications

Occasionally, the error might be a result of software conflicts with other applications running on your system. If this is the case, a clean boot could be the solution you need. Perform this by opening the System Configuration window — you can access it by typing ‘msconfig’ in your system’s search bar and pressing enter. Once there, navigate to the ‘Services’ tab. Check the box next to ‘Hide all Microsoft services’, which will display only third-party services. Click ‘Disable all’ to prevent these services from starting up with your system. Following this, restart your computer. Try running the game again to see if the error has been resolved. Remember, it’s crucial to re-enable these services once you’re finished playing to return your system to its normal operation.

Fix 4: Checking Game Integrity

Corrupted game files can lead to various errors, including the failure to join a game. If you suspect this might be the problem, make use of the ‘Verify Integrity of Game Files’ feature in Steam. This tool checks the game files against the files on the Steam servers, identifying and replacing any damaged or missing ones. To do this, open your Steam client and head over to your game library. Right-click on Total War: Warhammer III and choose ‘Properties’. Under the ‘Local Files’ tab, select ‘Verify Integrity of Game Files’. The process may take a few minutes to complete, after which you can try to run the game again.

Fix 5: Updating System Drivers

Outdated system drivers, particularly the graphics card driver, can cause issues with gameplay. To address this, ensure all your drivers are up-to-date. You can visit your hardware manufacturer’s official website for the latest driver updates. Alternatively, you can make use of trusted third-party apps that can identify and update outdated drivers for you. After successfully updating the drivers, perform a system reboot. This ensures that the updates take effect properly. Upon restarting, attempt to join the game again.

Fix 6: Adjusting In-game Settings

High in-game settings can sometimes cause an overload, especially if your system isn’t equipped to handle them. A good starting point to address the “Total War Warhammer 3 failed to join game unspecified error” could be to adjust the game’s graphics settings.

Navigate to the settings menu within the game and lower the graphics quality. Also, consider reducing the screen resolution to a level that matches your system’s capabilities. These changes can decrease the load on your system and potentially resolve the error.

Fix 7: Reinstalling the Game

As drastic as it may sound, reinstalling the game can sometimes be the best solution. Corrupted game files or a bad installation can often lead to errors.

To do this, first, uninstall Total War: Warhammer III from your system. Make sure you remove all files associated with the game. Then, download the latest version of the game from a reliable source and install it. This should ensure a fresh, error-free installation of the game.

Fix 8: Configuring Firewall and Antivirus Settings

Your firewall or antivirus software may interfere with the game, blocking it from accessing certain resources or connecting to the internet. If that’s the case, configuring these settings could resolve the issue.

Visit your antivirus software or firewall settings and make sure that Total War: Warhammer III is on the approved list of programs. Be cautious while modifying these settings, though, as an incorrect configuration may expose your system to security threats.

Fix 9: Updating Your Operating System

An outdated operating system can also be the reason behind the error. An update might not only fix the error but also improve system performance and security.

To update, navigate to your system settings and select ‘Update’. Make sure to back up important data before proceeding, as updates sometimes come with risks. After a successful update, reboot your system and try running the game again.


Encountering the “Total War Warhammer 3 failed to join game unspecified error” can be frustrating, but remember, every issue has a solution. Be it resetting your router, tweaking game settings, or even reinstalling the game – there’s always a way out. Addressing these concerns in a systematic manner can pave the way for smooth gameplay. Persistence and patience are key in this process. While technology might pose challenges, it also provides the means to overcome them. Let’s dive into some common questions that players have.


What does the “Total War Warhammer 3 failed to join game unspecified error” mean?

It’s a common error message suggesting a problem preventing you from joining a game.

Can outdated system drivers cause this error?

Yes, outdated system drivers, particularly the graphics driver, can lead to such errors.

Does resetting the internet router help in resolving this error?

In some cases, resetting the router can help, especially if the problem is due to network issues.

Why is running the game as an administrator useful?

It grants the game access to necessary files, potentially eliminating permission-based errors.

Could antivirus or firewall settings interfere with the game?

 Yes, aggressive security settings might block the game from running properly or accessing the network.

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