How to fix error code 4e940a0d 2k24?

The annum is 2022, and in the world of customization-oriented basketball simulation video games, NBA 2K24 sometimes encounters the infamous error code 4e940a0d. This error tends to surface when players attempt to utilize custom shirts. Noticing an exponential rise in complaints regarding this issue, we dove into detailed research to provide gamers with concrete and user-friendly solutions.

Power cycle same as the “hard reset” of the console is one of the simplest yet most effective remedies. To achieve this, press the power button of the console till it switches off, unplug it from the power source, and wait for about 2 minutes before plugging it back in. Next, switch the console back on, and the game should run smoothly without the ‘How to fix error code 4e940a0d 2k24?’ error.

Another notable solution is to clear the cache on the gaming console. Cached data, although beneficial for speeding up load times, may sometimes become corrupted, leading to errors such as 4e940a0d. On the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, shutting down and unplugging the console will automatically clear the cache. On the Nintendo Switch, gamers will have to navigate to System Settings -> System -> Formatting Options -> Clear Cache. Lastly, reboot your console and open NBA 2K24 to confirm whether the error has been resolved.

Our team believes in the motto ‘forewarned is forearmed.’ Hence, we recommend all NBA 2K24 players to diligently update their game versions regularly. Many times, developers roll out significant patches, addressing known bugs and errors. By keeping the game up-to-date, players can enjoy a faultless gaming experience.