How to fix err_ssl_version_or_cipher_mismatch?

When it comes to browsing the internet, we often encounter a multitude of errors, with one of the most common being the **err_ssl_version_or_cipher_mismatch**. This error occurs when the server and your browser are unable to establish a secure connection due to differences in SSL versions or cipher suites.

Primarily, it’s critical to ensure that your browser is up-to-date since obsolescence might be causing the error. For Chrome users, just click on the three vertical dots at the top right corner, go to “Help”, then “About Google Chrome”. This action will automatically verify for updates and install them if available. Secondly, your **Antivirus or Firewall Settings** could be causing the mismatch. A quick way to confirm this is by temporarily disabling your antivirus software or firewall; if you can access the webpage afterwards, the problem lies here. Remember, however, to turn these back on if this method does not resolve your issue.

The final step you can take involves proceeding to a website even despite the warning (not recommended unless you trust the website entirely). Chrome and Firefox have a workaround to let you bypass the warning. In Chrome, proceed by typing “thisisunsafe” when the warning page appears. For Firefox, click “Advanced” and then “Add Exception”. Be aware, web servers must support at least Transport Layer Security (TLS) 1.2 to ensure maximum online safety. Thus, if you are a website owner or realise that the error message is appearing on your website, it is recommend to upgrade the SSL/TLS version on your server. Always remember to consult a professional or seek assistance if you’re unsure or uncomfortable about these processes.