Electric shower not working – How to fix?

Electric showers are a fantastic convenience – until they stop working. As with most gadgets, many issues like insufficient water pressure, power problems, or blocked inlet filters can cause your Electric shower not working – How to fix? In this scene, there are some troubleshooting steps you can comfortably perform at home before calling in the professionals.

Firstly, always start by checking the electricity supply and the circuit breaker. Most electric shower issues are due to a lack of power. If the fuse has blown, you only need to reset it. Alternatively, if the entire electric shower unit is without power, it is time to call an expert, as more significant issues might be at hand.

If you believe the problem lies elsewhere, like with the water flow for example, your first port of call should be the showerhead and the inlet filter. Over time, these components could be jammed with limescale or other debris, resulting in blockages and affecting the shower’s pressure. Uninstall the shower head, depressurize it under a faucet and scrub away the debris with an old toothbrush or use a pin for the small holes. In the case of the inlet filter, detach it from the unit and run it under water to dislodge any lodged debris. Afterward, dry the components, reconnect them and try using the shower again.

If the steps mentioned above don’t restore your shower’s functionality, it is worth considering arranging for an electrician or plumber visit. Electric shower troubleshooting can be complex and dangerous without the proper knowledge and tools due to the combination of water and electricity. Always prioritize safety when handling such matters.