YouTube autoplay not working – How to fix?

The most popular video-sharing platform, YouTube, sometimes experiences technical difficulties – some users often encounter the problem of YouTube autoplay not working and many are clueless on how to fix it. This feature, which automatically plays another video after the current one finishes, is essential for uninterrupted entertainment. Fortunately, a few proven solutions can resolve this concern.

Firstly, checking whether or not you have inadvertently paused the Autoplay feature is crucial – its button is located on the right side of the play screen. Re-enabling it may just solve your problem. However, if it’s not the case, try to clear your browser cache and cookies, as outdated or corrupted data can often mess with website functionality. If the problem persists, see if your browser is up-to-date. The latest updates assure the browser’s compatibility with all web functionalities, including YouTube’s autoplay.

If you’re using a mobile device, ensure that the YouTube app is updated. Sometimes a reinstall could also rectify unexpected glitches. Also, checking general device updates is prudent; occasionally, operating system updates introduce changes that can disrupt certain app features. Lastly, certain inbuilt or add-on ad blockers might interfere with autoplay. So, if you’ve got any of those running, try disabling them temporarily to verify that they aren’t the issue. While this glitch can be annoying, using these steps should put you back on track and restore your YouTube viewing experience.