How to fix Windshield wipers not working?

Occasionally, drivers may find themselves caught in a downpour only to discover that their windshield wipers are failing. A scenario like this could quickly become dangerous, warranting immediate correction. While you should always rope in a professional for serious issues, some minor glitches could be sorted at home. So how exactly does one fix windshield wipers not working?

The first step is to **identify the problem**. Misalignment could be one of the leading causes, where the arms of the wipers are not properly connected to the motor, hence no response when you switch them. To correct this one must check the pivot nuts; if loose, tighten them. Another issue could be related to the **fuse or motor**. The fuse box is normally located under your car’s dashboard. If you detect any burnt fuses, they should be replaced. As for the motor, listen for its sound when you turn your wipers on. If there is no sound, it might be high time you replaced the motor or consulted a professional if the task seems too daunting.

At times, windshield wipers may experience **mechanical defects**; the blades can be worn out or broken, or the rubber on the wiper blades may be coming off. In such a case, replacing the entire blade or just the rubber part would resolve the problem. Dealing with **frozen wipers** involves heating your car to defrost the wipers or gently dislodging them from the screen. Arm replacements usually become necessary when the wipers don’t touch the windshield or display jerky movements. This mostly happens due to a bent wiper arm. Last, but far from the least, a dirty windshield could also render your wipers useless. Oil, dust and other grime could reduce the efficiency of your wipers and subject them to wear and tear. In this case, simply cleaning your windshield can significantly enhance the effectiveness of your wipers.

In conclusion, while professionals are best suited to handle intricate issues, detecting relatively smaller problems and addressing them timely can save you an unexpected inconvenience and also go a long way in maintaining the health of your windshield wipers. It might be wise to maintain a regular check on this critical yet often overlooked component of your vehicle.