How to fix rocket league error 71?

Despite advancements in gaming technology, it’s actually quite common for players to encounter error codes that can disrupt gameplay. One such issue that users of the popular vehicular soccer game, Rocket League, may deal with is the infamous Error 71. This pesky error occurs when the game struggles to create a connection with its host server, preventing players from enjoying online multiplayer mode. Worry no more, we’ve put together solutions on how to fix Rocket League Error 71.

Firstly, the standard and most straightforward method to rectify this is by conducting a simple restart of the router or modem. Often, refreshing your internet connection solves minor bugs and many similar connectivity issues for gamers. It might seem like an “old-school” approach, but it remains one of the most effective first steps. If this doesn’t work, it might be the problem with Rocket League server itself and you need to check the server status. If there’s a server outage or maintenance, there’s nothing you can do but wait until the developers rectify the issue.

The second solution involves tweaking your firewall and antivirus settings. Some software can identify Rocket League’s network traffic as a potential threat, blocking it and leading to Error 71. Always ensure that Rocket League and its associated services are whitelisted in your firewall and anti-virus settings. If you find that these steps don’t eliminate the problem, don’t fret. Reach, out to Rocket League’s customer support and provide them with the necessary details. They’ve got a dedicated team that is keen on helping players get back into the game. Trust us, there’s no problem big enough to keep you away from your love of Rocket League for too long!