How to fix fortnite audio not working?

There has been a growing concern among the gaming community about issues concerning the audio in the popular game Fortnite. For those gamers distressed about How to fix Fortnite audio not working? don’t worry, we are here to help make your gaming experience smooth again.

The primary recommendation is to check the game settings. Fortnite has an in-built setting for regulating the sound. Occasionally, players unknowingly mute the game or lower the volume to a level they can’t hear. Navigate to the settings and ensure that the sound is enabled and the volume level is suitable. This simple check could solve your problems and you’d be back to your gaming experience in no time.

If the basics aren’t working, delve deeper. The problem could be in the audio drivers. Outdated or corrupted drivers could be the culprits robbing you of your sound. Updating or reinstalling the audio drivers in your system might just be the solution you need. Verify your game files. Fortnite’s game engine, Unreal Engine, has a feature that allows you to verify your game files. When verified, it checks whether Fortnite’s installation files are in order and helps replace any corrupted or missing ones.

In cases where the above solutions do not work, you might need to reinstall Fortnite. Although this is the last resort, completely uninstalling and then reinstalling the game afresh gets rid of any malfunctions. Before embarking on this solution, remember to backup your data for retrieval after the reinstallation.

These are the remedies we have discovered so far to fix audio problems in Fortnite. As technology makes strides, there might arise other issues, but one thing is certain, solutions will always be available. Happy gaming!