How to fix british gas smart meter not working?

British Gas customers, who have recently experienced difficulties with their smart meters, will be relieved to know that there are several ways to address this issue. One of the most common problems when a smart meter stops working is the display failing to show usage data. This could be due to a software glitch, a low battery or even network coverage issues.

For resolving such problems, a series of checks can be carried out. If your smart meter has a blank screen, ensure it is not sleeping which it does when not being used for some time. In case you are still facing an issue, try plugging and unplugging the smart meter from the electricity socket. This acts as a ‘hard reset’ which can resolve many operation-related problems. In case both these solutions do not work, reconnecting your smart meter to the network can prove to be helpful. This process can be a bit tricky as it involves opening the meter box. However, if followed step-by-step as per pilot instructions provided either by British Gas or the smart meter manufacturer’s website, it should turn out to be a simple process.

In other instances, it could be that your smart meter has lost connection with the In-Home Display (IHD). To rectify this, you will need to move your IHD closer to the electricity gas meter, at least, until it gets reconnected. Please remember your IHD relies on wireless signals from your smart meters. So if your IHD is too far away or if there are objects in its path, it may not connect properly. Additionally, you may also need to ensure that your smart meter has enough battery life. If the battery is running low, British Gas can be contacted to replace the device. This process can take time, so please allow a few weeks.

When a smart meter is not functioning properly, it’s not just the inconvenience brought forth but also the inability to monitor energy consumption effectively, so it’s crucial to get it fixed as soon as possible. If none of the above steps help, contact British Gas customer service immediately for further guidance. They may send out an experienced engineer to investigate the problem with your meter and get it fixed. Don’t forget to mentioning your problem: How to fix british gas smart meter not working?. They will guide you appropriately.