Ds4windows Not Detecting Ps5 Controller-How to fix?

Gamers who have recently purchased a new PlayStation 5 controller may have encountered an issue with Ds4windows not detecting the new device. This can be frustrating for those who rely on the popular third-party software to use their PS5 controller on their PC. However, there are a few potential fixes for this problem that users can try.

One solution is to make sure that the Ds4windows software is fully up to date, as newer versions of the program may have added compatibility for the PS5 controller. Additionally, users can try resetting the controller and reconnecting it to their PC, or using a different USB cable to ensure that the connection is not the issue.

It’s also worth checking for any driver updates for the PS5 controller in Windows Device Manager, as outdated drivers can sometimes cause compatibility issues. By following these steps, users may be able to resolve the issue of Ds4windows not detecting their PS5 controller and get back to gaming on their PC with their preferred controller.