Does An Error Ruin A Perfect Game-How to fix?

In the world of sports, particularly in baseball, a perfect game is a rare and remarkable achievement for a pitcher. However, an error made by a fielder can ruin the pitcher’s chance of achieving this feat. This has led to a discussion among fans and experts on whether an error should nullify a perfect game.

One way to potentially fix this issue is by implementing a rule change to differentiate between errors that are the result of a routine play and those that are more egregious. By creating a distinction between these types of errors, it could allow for a more fair assessment of a pitcher’s performance and potentially preserve the possibility of a perfect game even in the event of an error.

Additionally, advanced technology such as video review and instant replay could be utilized to ensure that any potential errors are accurately and fairly assessed. This could help alleviate the impact of a single mistake on what would otherwise be considered a flawless performance, ultimately enhancing the integrity of the game.

In conclusion, the debate surrounding whether an error should ruin a perfect game is ongoing, but there are potential solutions that could help mitigate the impact of errors on a pitcher’s performance. By considering rule changes and utilizing advanced technology, there may be a way to address this issue and preserve the sanctity of a perfect game.