Disney Stories Not Working On Alexa- How to fix?

Several users have recently reported issues with accessing Disney stories on their Alexa devices. Many have complained that when they ask Alexa to play Disney stories, the device responds with “I can’t play Disney stories from Audible right now” or “I can’t find any Disney stories in your Audible library.” This issue has left many Disney fans frustrated and looking for a solution.

One potential fix for this problem is to ensure that your Alexa device is linked to your Audible account and that your Disney stories are located in your Audible library. You can do this by opening the Alexa app, navigating to the Settings menu, selecting Music & Podcasts, and then linking your Audible account. If your Disney stories are not showing up in your Audible library, you may need to purchase or re-download them from the Audible website or app.

Additionally, it’s important to make sure that your Alexa device is connected to the internet and running the latest software updates. Sometimes, technical glitches can be resolved by simply restarting the device or performing a factory reset.

If these solutions do not work, contacting Amazon customer support for further assistance may be necessary. They can help troubleshoot the issue and provide more tailored solutions to get your Disney stories playing on your Alexa device once again.

It’s clear that many users are experiencing frustration with Disney stories not working on Alexa, but with the right steps and troubleshooting, this issue can be resolved. By following these tips and seeking help from customer support if needed, users can hopefully enjoy their favorite Disney stories on their Alexa devices once more.