Call of duty error code 112 – How to resolve?

There I was, right in the heart of the action, my virtual boots hitting the ground as bullets whizzed past. My team counted on me, the victory was within our grasp. The adrenaline surged through me as I maneuvered through the battle-scarred landscape, fingers flying across the keyboard. But then, in the midst of this exhilarating chaos, my screen froze. Staring back at me was an unwelcome intruder, a bane to any Call of Duty warrior – the infamous call of duty error code 112.

A frustrating veil descended, pulling me away from the virtual battlefield. The vibrant intensity of the game was abruptly replaced with an impassive error message. I was cast out of my squad, stranded in the realm of stalled gaming. As a dedicated player, this was a predicament I knew needed a resolution.

From the countless forums I sifted through, to the plethora of solutions I stumbled upon, I realized that I wasn’t alone in this struggle. We were a vast army of gamers, grappling with the same mysterious foe, all searching for a way back into the action. In the face of adversity, our shared determination ignited a beacon of hope. Now, armed with knowledge and experience, I present to you a comprehensive guide.

Call of duty error code 112 - How to resolve?
Call of duty error code 112 – How to resolve?

Understanding the Game Landscape

Call of Duty’s landscape is more than just a virtual battlefield—it’s a complex web of interconnected systems, working seamlessly to deliver a fast-paced, immersive gaming experience. From its robust servers that host millions of gamers worldwide, to the intricate in-game mechanics and graphics, every aspect contributes to the overall experience.

Understanding this landscape is key when navigating through the error code 112. It’s about recognizing that while Call of Duty is a game, it’s one powered by intricate technologies. Be it the network connectivity, game updates, software integrity, or server status—each element plays a pivotal role. Comprehending these elements is the first step in decoding the error code 112 and taking back control of your game.

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What Triggers Error Code 112?

Server Issues: In the vast universe of Call of Duty, encountering error code 112 could be due to server issues. Sometimes, it’s not your game setup causing the problem, but the game’s server experiencing unexpected downtime or overloading. Server issues can create unstable gaming conditions, resulting in error codes like 112. It’s crucial to be patient and check official game sources or community forums for server status updates. Remember, even the best battle plans can be held hostage by uncontrollable circumstances.

Network Problems: Network problems can manifest in a myriad of ways, from inconsistent internet speed to unstable connections, leading to the infamous error code 112. Weak Wi-Fi signals or network congestion could lead to interruptions in your Call of Duty experience. Always ensure a strong and steady internet connection for seamless gaming. Regular network checkups and troubleshooting can save you from unforeseen interruptions. After all, a soldier is only as good as his communication lines.

Corrupted Game Files: Like an uninvited infiltrator in your game setup, corrupted game files can cause error code 112 to appear. Incomplete downloads, improper shutdowns, or software conflicts can lead to file corruption. Regularly updating and maintaining your game files can prevent these issues. Just like a well-oiled weapon is crucial on the battlefield, so is a well-maintained game library for the flawless gaming experience.

Outdated Game Version: Running an outdated game version is akin to going into battle with outdated gear – it’s bound to cause problems. If your Call of Duty version is not up-to-date, error code 112 could come knocking. Always ensure that your game is updated to the latest version to enjoy a seamless and error-free gaming session. Remember, staying updated is the key to staying ahead, both in the game and in resolving errors.

Firewall/Antivirus Interference: Firewalls and antivirus software, while crucial for protecting your system, can sometimes interfere with Call of Duty, resulting in error code 112. These programs may inadvertently block or limit game processes, causing disruptions. Therefore, it’s crucial to properly configure these tools to allow your game to run smoothly. Think of it as clearing your path from friendly fire – because, in gaming, every moment counts.

Ways to troubleshoot the Error 112

Fix 1. The Power of a Simple Device Restart

When battling error code 112 in Call of Duty, don’t underestimate the efficiency of a simple device restart. It’s not just hitting the reset button; it’s an invigorating breath for your gaming device, an opportunity to clear its mind and start fresh.

Have you ever observed how we, as humans, perform better after a quick nap or break? Just as we recharge, our devices too benefit from a brief respite. A restart can refresh your device’s memory, close down redundant processes, and generally set things right. It’s a quick fix solution to a host of complex issues.

Before delving into complicated troubleshooting methods, start with this easy, beginner-friendly approach. In many instances, a simple restart can resolve error code 112, making it an invaluable weapon in your arsenal against gaming glitches. Always remember this maxim: When in doubt, restart.

Fix 2. Check Server Status

The first and foremost strategy to overcome the obstacle that is Call of Duty error code 112 is surprisingly straightforward – just check the server status. Numerous online platforms provide updates in real-time about server downtimes, allowing you to conveniently determine if the problem lies in your court or theirs. While you cannot control server issues, they are usually resolved relatively quickly. So, all you need is a bit of patience. Sit back, relax, and maybe strategize your next in-game maneuvers while you wait. After all, Call of Duty is all about adapting and overcoming challenges, right?

Fix 3. Test Your Internet Connection

Next, assess the situation with your internet connection. It may not seem like a big deal, but even minor internet hiccups can cause significant problems, such as the dreaded error 112. To rule out this cause, run a quick speed test and observe if there are any fluctuations in your network’s performance. A reliable, steady internet connection is just as important as a trustworthy teammate in the heat of a Call of Duty battle. Ensure your network is not the weak link in your setup.

Fix 4. Reset Your Router

While it might sound overly simplistic, sometimes resetting your router can work wonders. Unplug it, wait for about a minute or two, and then plug it back in. This brief hiatus could be all that’s needed to get things back on track. Minor network glitches that might be causing error code 112 can often be resolved this way. Consider it as a quick recharge for your router before it dives back into the battle against network errors.

Fix 5. Consider a Wired Connection

Wireless internet connections, while convenient, can be temperamental. If you’re on a wireless network, consider switching to a wired connection. Wired connections are more stable and could be the change you need to eliminate the recurring error code 112. It’s like upgrading your in-game weapon to something more dependable, ensuring you have the most reliable tools for the job.

Fix 6. Update Your Game

Ensure your Call of Duty game is running the latest version. Outdated versions can create conflicts and lead to error code 112. Just as you’d ensure you’re wearing the best gear in a Call of Duty match, you should also guarantee your game version is up-to-date. Regularly updating your game will safeguard it from potential glitches.

Fix 7. Scan and Repair Game Files

Another effective method to resolve the error involves scanning and repairing the game files. Your system’s built-in functions or third-party software can do this. Corrupted or damaged files can sneakily cause a host of issues, including the frustrating error code 112. Regular maintenance of your game files is like keeping your combat gear in pristine condition – it’s a vital aspect of ensuring a successful mission.

Fix 8. Configure Firewall and Antivirus Settings

Sometimes, your own system defenses can become obstacles. Misconfigured firewall and antivirus software settings could be interfering with Call of Duty, leading to error code 112. Review your settings and make necessary changes. This way, you ensure your defenses protect you without unintentionally becoming hindrances.

Fix 9. Update System Drivers

System drivers play a crucial role in your gaming experience. Outdated or corrupted drivers can cause a myriad of issues, including error code 112. Regularly updating your system drivers ensures a smoother, more enjoyable Call of Duty experience. It’s the equivalent of making sure all your equipment is top-notch before heading out into the battlefield.

Fix 10. Reinstall the Game

A more radical approach to this problem involves reinstalling the game. This solution can be time-consuming but effective. By reinstalling, you’ll get rid of any potentially corrupted files that may be causing the error 112. Think of this as a full retreat in order to regroup and re-engage in battle—sometimes, it’s necessary to take a step back to ultimately move forward.

Fix 11. Contact Support

If all else fails, it’s time to call in the cavalry—reach out to Call of Duty support. Provide a detailed description of your issue, including all the steps you’ve taken to try to resolve it. They are your ultimate back-up, ready to step in and help when your battle with error code 112 becomes too overwhelming. No soldier should have to face challenges alone, and with their support team, you won’t have to. Remember, it’s a team game, and sometimes, you just need to call for support.


Embracing our journey’s end, we’ve discovered error code 112 in Call of Duty isn’t an insurmountable adversary. Instead, it’s a riddle waiting to be solved, a challenge seeking our strategic intervention.

From understanding the error’s triggers to exploring a myriad of solutions, we’ve armed ourselves with valuable knowledge. No longer will server issues, network problems, or corrupted game files haunt us. We’ve learned to wield the power of a simple device restart and discovered the importance of checking game updates.

Our antivirus software, once a trusted ally, could be an unsuspected culprit. But now, we know how to set the boundaries, making it a reliable protector without obstructing our gaming journey. We’re prepared to dive into the game’s files if needed, reinforcing or repairing to ensure optimal performance.

The game landscape might be complex, but we’ve navigated through it. The enigma of error code 112 is unraveled, and we are ready for any challenges that may come our way. We’ll take these lessons forward, ensuring smoother, more enjoyable Call of Duty sessions.

Remember, the battlefield is tough, but we’re tougher. With this knowledge, error code 112 is no longer a hurdle but a stepping stone to our gaming prowess. Game on, soldiers!


What is Call of Duty Error Code 112?

 Error Code 112 in Call of Duty is a disruptive issue preventing players from enjoying the game.

What triggers Error Code 112? 

Triggers can include server issues, network problems, corrupted game files, an outdated game version, and firewall or antivirus interference.

Can restarting my device fix Error Code 112? 

Yes, a simple device restart can often resolve this error, serving as a quick fix.

How can firewall and antivirus software affect Call of Duty?

 Overzealous firewall and antivirus can obstruct the game’s connection, triggering Error Code 112.

Why should I check my game version? 

An outdated game version can cause Error Code 112. Keeping your game updated ensures smooth gameplay.

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