Bixby is suggesting searches for Pride Month how do I remove this to trash

Sometimes, there’s an uncanny moment when technology gets a little too personal, a little too prescriptive, and it starts feeling like your personal assistant knows more about your life than you’d prefer. One chilly evening, I found myself scrolling through my phone, relaxing in the tranquility of my quiet living room. Then, up popped an unexpected suggestion from my AI assistant, Bixby, who seemed eager to steer my attention towards searches for Pride Month. While I value the significance of this global celebration, the constant alerts were becoming a tad intrusive.

“Bixby is suggesting searches for Pride Month, how do I remove this to trash?” I thought to myself. Navigating the sea of tech can be daunting and frustrating at times, especially when it’s about taming the ceaseless notifications and suggestions on your devices. However, it doesn’t have to be this way. Fear not, dear readers, for I’m here to turn the tides and guide you through this process. Without further ado, here are the steps to navigate this scenario effectively.

Bixby is suggesting searches for Pride Month how do I remove this to trash
Bixby is suggesting searches for Pride Month how do I remove this to trash

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What are the possible reasons for Bixby suggesting searches for Pride Month and how do I remove this to trash

Unexpected Algorithmic Learning

Algorithmic learning is one of the key ways our digital assistants, like Bixby, personalize our user experience. They observe our search behavior, interaction patterns, and even our timing to offer tailored suggestions. However, sometimes, this self-learning capability may result in irrelevant or unwanted suggestions, like Bixby suggesting searches for Pride Month.

There are various reasons this could happen. For instance, you may have unintentionally clicked on related content, or shared or liked posts related to Pride Month on social media platforms. This sends a signal to Bixby’s algorithm, making it believe you are interested in such content. Even if you feel you haven’t engaged with such content directly, the algorithms might make connections between the things you have interacted with and Pride Month.

Inaccurate User Profile

Another possible reason could be an inaccurate user profile. Our online activity, ranging from search queries to time spent on specific content, contributes to our digital profile. Bixby uses this profile to deliver personalized suggestions. However, this profile isn’t foolproof and can sometimes misrepresent your preferences.

If your profile inaccurately indicates an interest in Pride Month, Bixby will suggest related searches. This discrepancy might occur due to shared devices or accounts, or even errors in data interpretation. An inaccurate profile can lead to a flood of irrelevant suggestions, making it necessary to adjust your settings or clear your digital footprint.

Ambient Influence

In today’s interconnected world, our digital footprints are not just influenced by our direct actions but also the ambient influence of our online networks. If people in your network – friends, family, or colleagues – are actively engaging with Pride Month content, Bixby might take note.

This ambient influence can color your digital footprint, leading Bixby to believe you’re interested in Pride Month content. So, while you might not have interacted with any such content yourself, the activities within your online network might influence the suggestions you receive.

Broad Search Queries

Digital personal assistants like Bixby operate using complex algorithms, diligently working behind the scenes to tailor your online experience. These algorithms can sometimes misinterpret broad search queries, leading to unanticipated recommendations.

For instance, if you have been searching for content related to civil rights, social justice, or diverse cultures, Bixby might correlate these broad topics with Pride Month. While the connection might be valid in a broad context, the specific recommendation might not align with your exact interests. This instance underscores the importance of precise search queries to guide your digital assistant accurately.

Automatic Updates and Seasonal Trends

Tech companies routinely roll out automatic updates to their software, often including tweaks to the functioning of their digital assistants. Sometimes, these updates might reset or alter your preferences, leading to new types of suggestions.

Additionally, there’s a trend of promoting certain topics based on the seasonal calendar. Given that Pride Month is celebrated worldwide in June, Bixby might suggest related content, assuming a general interest due to the global relevance of the event. While this feature is intended to keep users informed about significant occasions, it could lead to suggestions that don’t align with individual interests.

Location-Based Services

With the advent of GPS and location-tracking technology, many AI systems, including Bixby, incorporate location-based services. These services could lead Bixby to recommend Pride Month content if you live or have recently been in an area where Pride Month events are taking place.

Although you might not have any explicit interest in the subject, the digital assistant could associate your location with a potential interest. This reason emphasizes the breadth of factors that digital assistants consider when personalizing your online experience.

Understanding these various reasons can empower you to manage your digital assistant effectively, aligning it more accurately with your unique preferences and interests.

Bixby is suggesting searches for Pride Month how do I remove this to trash

Fix 1: Refresh Your Digital Footprint

  1. Be more conscious of the content you interact with online. Engage actively with topics that match your interests and avoid irrelevant content.
  2. Regularly clear your browsing history, cache, and cookies. This helps ensure your online activities reflect your current interests accurately.

Fix 2: Review Shared Devices

  1. If you’re using shared devices, create separate user accounts to ensure your personalized recommendations are truly yours.
  2. Be mindful of your online activities and make an effort to keep them separate from those of others using the same devices or accounts.

Fix 3: Provide Direct Feedback

  1. Look for the ‘not interested’ button or ‘thumbs down’ icon usually available in Bixby’s interface.
  2. Use this feature to tell Bixby directly that you’re not interested in Pride Month suggestions.
  3. Regularly provide feedback to Bixby to help refine its understanding of your preferences.

Fix 4: Use Incognito Mode or Privacy-focused Browsers

  1. For a quick fix, consider using incognito mode on your browser. This helps prevent tracking of your browsing history and subsequent recommendations based on it.
  2. Consider switching to privacy-focused browsers that don’t track user activity, thus preventing AI assistants from learning your search habits and making related suggestions.

Fix 5: Check Location Services

  1. If Bixby’s suggestions are influenced by your location, look into your device’s location services settings.
  2. Consider turning off location services when they’re not needed. This can prevent suggestions based on regional trends or events.

Fix 6: Set Explicit Boundaries

  1. In Bixby’s settings, look for a section where you can manually set preferences. By clearly stating your interests, you can help Bixby understand what kind of content to suggest.
  2. Explicitly exclude topics that you aren’t interested in. This can help in preventing future unrelated suggestions.

Fix 7: Utilize Third-Party Applications

  1. Consider using third-party applications or browser extensions that can provide an extra layer of control over your browsing data.
  2. These tools can help you manage your online privacy by blocking tracking cookies or encrypting your browsing history.

Fix 8 : Limit Social Media Integration

  1. If your social media accounts are linked to Bixby, consider disconnecting or limiting these integrations.
  2. This can help reduce the influence of social media interactions on Bixby’s suggestions.

Fix 9: Check for Software Updates

  1. Regularly check for software updates from Samsung. These updates can contain fixes for Bixby’s algorithms and help prevent unrelated suggestions.
  2. Make sure to read the update notes to understand what changes are being made.

Fix 10: Update Your Settings

  1. Navigate to your Bixby user settings.
  2. Look for options related to content recommendations or personalization.
  3. Disable settings that allow Bixby to make recommendations based on your online activity or social media interactions.

Fix 11: Reset Your Digital Assistant

  1. If none of the above steps work, consider resetting Bixby to its default settings. This will remove all learned data and stop the current flow of suggestions.
  2. Post reset, be more deliberate about the information you provide Bixby to prevent recurrence of unwanted recommendations.

Fix 12: Contact Support

If you’re still struggling, contact Samsung’s customer support. They can provide targeted assistance and potentially update Bixby’s system to reduce such issues in the future.


The intricate workings of AI assistants like Bixby can sometimes serve us suggestions that miss the mark, such as Pride Month searches when we have no interest in the topic. Nonetheless, these scenarios offer an opportunity to understand better how these digital assistants operate and how we can control the content they present to us. By following the steps outlined, you can effectively guide Bixby towards better understanding your unique preferences, ensuring that the suggestions you receive are tailored to your interests. Remember, as users, we have the power to control our digital experiences and shape the interactions we have with AI systems like Bixby.


Q: Why is Bixby suggesting searches for Pride Month?

A: Bixby’s suggestions are based on its learning from your online activity, your digital profile, ambient influences, and other factors.

Q: How can I stop these Pride Month suggestions from Bixby?

A: You can update your settings, refresh your digital footprint, provide direct feedback to Bixby, or even reset the digital assistant.

Q: Are these suggestions influenced by my location?

A: Yes, location-based services can influence the suggestions Bixby offers, especially if there are local events related to the suggested topic.

Q: Can shared devices or accounts affect Bixby’s suggestions?

A: Absolutely, if you’re using shared devices or accounts, Bixby’s suggestions may be influenced by other users’ activities.

Q: Will resetting Bixby to default settings stop the suggestions?

A: Resetting Bixby will remove all learned data, which can help stop current suggestions. However, it might start making new suggestions based on subsequent online activity.

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