Aae Error 35- How to fix?

Music producers and audio engineers often encounter technical errors while working on their projects, and one common issue that they may come across is the Aae Error 35. This error usually occurs in Pro Tools, a popular digital audio workstation, and can disrupt the workflow of the user. The Aae Error 35 is related to audio hardware and can be caused by various reasons such as incorrect settings, outdated drivers, or faulty equipment.

To fix the Aae Error 35, there are several troubleshooting steps that users can take. First, they should ensure that the audio interfaces and hardware peripherals are properly connected and powered on. It’s also important to check for any outdated drivers and update them to the latest versions. Additionally, adjusting the buffer size, sample rate, and I/O settings in Pro Tools can help resolve the error.

Furthermore, performing a reset of the Pro Tools preferences or reinstalling the software may also help in fixing the Aae Error 35. In some cases, the error may be related to a specific plugin or session, so isolating the problematic element and troubleshooting it individually can also be effective. By following these steps, users can address the Aae Error 35 and resume their audio production without interruption.