Whirlpool Range Error Codes-How to fix?

If you are a proud owner of a Whirlpool range, you may have encountered error codes at some point. These error codes can be frustrating and leave you wondering how to fix them. Luckily, with a little bit of troubleshooting, you can often resolve the issue on your own without having to call in a professional.

The error codes on Whirlpool ranges can indicate a variety of issues, from a simple power glitch to more complex issues with the oven temperature sensor or control board. One common error code is F2, which usually indicates a problem with the oven temperature sensor. In this case, you can try resetting the range by turning off the power at the circuit breaker for a few minutes and then turning it back on. If the error persists, you may need to replace the oven temperature sensor.

Another common error code is F5, which typically points to a problem with the door latch. To resolve this issue, try gently tapping on the door around the latch area to see if that helps reset it. If the error continues, you may need to replace the door latch assembly.

It’s important to consult your Whirlpool range’s user manual for specific error codes and troubleshooting steps. Additionally, if you’re unsure about how to fix a particular error code, it’s always best to contact Whirlpool customer service or a certified repair technician for assistance. By familiarizing yourself with common error codes and their potential fixes, you can save time and money on unnecessary service calls and keep your Whirlpool range running smoothly for years to come.