HP Elitebook touchpad not working – Solutions

A rising number of HP EliteBook users have reportedly been facing issues with the laptop’s touchpad. The problem, best described as ‘HP Elitebook touchpad not working‘, is not only hampering productivity but also causing frustration among users. However, the good news is, there are several effective solutions available that can help resolve this issue.

The primary solution involves checking and updating the touchpad driver. Outdated drivers are often the culprit behind a non-responsive touchpad. Users can visit the official HP website and download the Network (LAN) drivers. After downloading the file, you should uninstall the current driver from your system, restart the system, and install the new driver.

Another common remedy is through the device settings. Often, the touchpad might be disabled either from the device settings or via the function keys. Enabling it can make it functional again. To check this, go to the Mouse Properties in the Control Panel, choose the Device Settings tab and ensure that the device is enabled. If it’s not, click on the Enable button. If the issue persists, users should reach out to the dedicated HP customer service for further assistance. To remember, while these solutions have shown results, the effect might vary from one device to another based on the specific problem and its cause. The important thing is to communicate, troubleshoot, and keep exploring solutions until the issue is entirely resolved.