ffxiv https system error – How to fix?

The growing popularity of the multi-player online role-playing game, Final Fantasy XIV (FFXIV), has seen a surge of players across the globe. However, recently users have reported encountering a major stumbling block – an **FFXIV HTTPS System Error**. Troubling and complex as it might seem, solving this problem doesn’t require an expert’s knowledge, just a simple approach in troubleshooting.

To fix this error, users are encouraged to firstly perform a basic **system check**. Make sure your game is up to date, consider updating your operating system and drivers, and check your game files’ integrity. If the FFXIV HTTPS system error persists, it might be useful to disable any third-party applications as they could interfere with the game. Antivirus software, VPN services, or even in-game overlay applications, like Steam or Discord, might be the source of the problem. Additionally, modifying the network-related settings can also resolve this issue. Alter the Internet Protocol Version 4 (IPv4) DNS settings in your system to Google Public DNS, which is the safest option, and can help bypass local network issues.

Yet, despite having done all that, if the problem continues, the issue might lie with the game servers themselves. When FFXIV servers are down for maintenance, or when there’s a large volume of players logging in, HTTPS system errors can occur. Confirm the server’s status from the game’s official website or community forums and wait for any planned server maintenance or server-related issues to resolve. Dealing with **FFXIV HTTPS System Error** requires patience, but armed with these solutions, players can return to their gaming world in no time.