Error 0x80010135 Path Too Long- How to fix?

Are you encountering the Error 0x80010135 Path Too Long while trying to access or modify a file or folder on your Windows system? This frustrating error typically occurs when the file path exceeds the maximum character limit allowed by the operating system. But don’t worry, there are several simple solutions to fix this issue and regain access to your files.

One way to resolve the error is by using a third-party file management tool that can handle longer file paths. There are numerous free and paid tools available that can easily navigate and manage files with longer paths, allowing you to access and modify them without encountering the dreaded 0x80010135 error.

Another way to fix this issue is by manually shortening the file path. This can be done by renaming folders or files with shorter names, or by reorganizing the file structure to reduce the overall length of the path.

If you’re comfortable with using the Windows Command Prompt, you can also utilize the “robocopy” command to bypass the path length limitation and copy or move files with longer paths to a new location.

By following these simple solutions, you can quickly fix the Error 0x80010135 Path Too Long and regain access to your files without experiencing any further frustration.